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After living for 36 years I’ve had the fortunate (or unfortunate?) privilege of succeeding in the eyes of society.  Throughout the years I’ve worked hard, played hard, taken risks, sold my soul (several times), struggled and found bits of adventure and flow.  I’ve had ups and I’ve had downs.   I’ve made a reasonable amount of money and have built up two medium sized companies but it hasn’t been easy and it certainly hasn’t been a blissful experience.  Mixed bag – eh?

After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad (and many other similar books) I realised that a job keeps you ‘just over broke.’  I needed to start my own companies.  I followed the advice within the books, started my own companies, worked hard to create my 6-figure income and became ‘successful.’  The process certainly didn’t help me leave the rat-race…After seven years I’ve realised that I’m more involved in the rat race than ever before but I’m getting a lot more money than before.

The road hasn’t been smooth and the journey hasn’t exactly been fun.  But is that what life is about – overcoming adversity, struggling until I retire and can relax, working hard and then enjoying the fruits of my labour?  I don’t thinks so.

I’m not sure if it’s my age or my experiences or the higher frequency of planetary vibrations (that the woo-woo  people talk about), but it’s actually dawned on me that life is no fun if the journey is crap.  And who the heck wants to struggle for years in return for the elusive pot of gold at the end of the road?

I finally get it.  Finally! (I think?  I hope?)

It’s all about the journey.  It’s all about planning your life around making sure each day is full of purpose, fun times, challenges, exciting events and filled with love and laughter.  It’s about contribution, adding value to the people around you and feeling a part of the flow of life.

Is it possible to plan your life?  Is it possible to plan a life with purpose?  And what the heck is purpose anyway?

So many questions and I really don’t know the answers.  I do, however, know one thing – my journey up until this point has been difficult and I don’t want to travel this way anymore.  For the past two years the universe has been saying, ‘Kim – you’re going in the wrong direction.  Kim – this isn’t right.’  In business meetings I kept hearing a voice in my head say ‘Why the heck are we doing all this – it’s just not fun and there’s really no purpose to it?’

Over the past year, very little has gone my way regarding business aspects.  Yeah, I’ve made more and more money but I’ve become more and more miserable.  I’ve tried to force, cajole, manipulate and demand things to happen and even though I co-own my companies I still haven’t been able to get things to work.  Okay – I hear you universe… it’s time to call it a day and start over.

So – this blog is my new journey.  I want to prove that I can spend each day having purpose (once I define what that means). I’ve decided to take a back seat with my companies and set out to create a new life and a new journey.

I have enough money saved up to last for a while and I’m not afraid to live off a credit card if need be.  I’m not going to turn 100 and think, ‘My journey was crap and I didn’t do anything to make it better.’  No way.

So…here goes everything!

My Objectives

  • To help me stay on purpose (by writing daily/weekly I’ll stay more focused on the task of enjoying life)
  • To help spread the word and prove that life can be fun, exciting, full of opportunities and growth
  • To attract and interact with like-minded people so that the idea of ‘enjoyingthejourney’ expands exponentially
  • To get myself out there so that exciting and interesting opportunities can find me!
  • To generate an income stream so to help enable a joyful (and prosperous) journey


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