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Inspiration to start recording !

Well, here we are first post on my "not-yet- shiny" running blog ! Inspired to finally take action by fellow athlete and all round nice guy, Chris Worton , I have moved into the blogsphere to record my thoughts, successes and - to keep me humble - failures as a back-to mid packer ultra runner. This will develop , I hope, as I get used to all the techy bits...but , for now... my finished races can be found at : My Finished Races Woohoo ! Added a link...and I have only just started :-) (Now I am going back up to sneak in a new link !) For humility, my current list of uncompleted events : DNFS :  The Spine Race  : 2017,2016,2015 ;  The Centurion Running Thames Path 100  , 2016 ;  The Chiltern Wa y 214km, 2014,2016;  The T184 Self supported Race  2017,2015;  The Thames Ring 250  2017. I will right some general thoughts on DNFs and a race specific DNF post later ! DNS :  The Monarchs Way  2017 My thouughts on DNS's , shorter , to follow also !